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ROTFLMA nerd-style

A quickie drive-by post. I just got my ever-so-often RSS feed from XKCD.com [1]. Randall Munroe, the cartoonist/math nerd/physicist/comic simply nails nerd humor, over and over.

Today’s comic:

electromagnetic spectrum [2] <– Click for the original image.

Had me literally rolling on the floor, gasping for breath. OK, I’ll admit, it’s a geek/nuke/physicist thing. If you kinda sorta fit in that category then you MUST download the high res image and look at it with your favorite image viewer (mine’s Irfanview [3]). Only when you look at the fine print do you see such jewels as the wavelength of the “Space Rays controlling Steve Balmer”.

Randal captured the pure essence of a proper life philosophy in the comic on my home [4] page. Oh, and thanks, Randal for the Creative Commons license so I can express myself through your pen!

This is one of only two humor sites I have RSS fed, the other being DayByDay. [5]