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Great Blonde & Orange hunters

The bunch [1]I was sitting here tonight minding my own business when I noticed that The Bunch [2] were paying way too much attention to my Tek oscilliscope sitting on the floor beside me. Now I know that the kids are Technocats but the interest seemed too high, even for them. So I stroll over and take a lookey-see. I lift up the scope and lo and behold, what do I find but this little critter.

Lizard 01 [3]

Pretty l’il thang, isn’t he?

Lizard 02 [4]

He wasn’t terribly happy with the whole situation. He decided that he wanted a piece of me :-)

Lizard 03 [5]

I’d seen him hanging around my front porch last week. He was already bobtail. The stump had pretty well healed over by the time The Bunch got interested in him.

Normally I let the kids eat what they catch but in this case, I had a pretty good hunch that I’d find the remains deposited on my bed spread or somewhere similar after kitty tummies became unhappy with such a fine delicacy. So I took him outside.

Lizard 05 [6]

He wasn’t in any big hurry to go. Notice the l’il gift he was trying to leave me! There at the bottom of the picture. :-) Ingrate.

Anyhoo, he finally decided that I was inedible and let go. Last I saw, he was trundling off to hide under the woodpile. Meanwhile The Bunch seem to be forming a long term relationship with my O’scope. They’ve been closely guarding it for the last hour. Silly tats.

One of the little things that makes living back in the hills so much fun!