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Tele-Slime Beware

DNI Letter [1]The attached letter was in my mailbox last week. (click on the image to view full size) It warms my cockles. Tennessee has one of the strongest anti-telemarketing laws in the nation, far stronger than the national one. TN actually takes police action against teleslime, fining them $500 for each violation.

As can be seen in the letter, an investigator is assigned to each case. As part of my complaint, I signed a form allowing them to access my phone records. I had written down the time span of the call so all they have to do is look at my records and pick out that call.


I had a nice conversation with this investigator. He reiterated the advice in the letter and I have a few more tips.

It took me probably an hour and a half to find the form, download and print it and fax it back (no email, darn!) Some folks would argue that it wasn’t worth it. Bunk! Finally we have a law with some teeth in it but the teleslime victim has to start the process before the state can chomp on the teleslime. I think that it was some of the best time I’ve spent in recent time.

The law is working. That was the first teleslime call that I had gotten in several months. Ahhhh, the sound of silence.

Now if I can only get CVS Pharmacy to change their number since it now differs from mine by only one digit. I think I’ll just start taking their refill orders and forgetting about ’em. :-)